inspirations for unusual trips

Lots of individuals are not sure how to spend their holidays. Thus, this short text made be greatly useful as anfor inspirations in that field.
First idea is to visit two different cities and discover the field which is specially interesting for you. e.g., if you are a fan of a history, trip do London and Warsaw can be a perfect idea for you! When you are in London, you would have a possibility to see how the 2nd World War was perceived and dealt with in the UK.
Author: Christoph Strässler
Later, when you are already in Warsaw, you will have an opportunity to see how different the 2nd World War looked in the Eastern Europe. Such “double” travel during one holiday may be a splendid way to discover such complex history! Thanks to the fact, that nowadays there are tons of flights from London to Warsaw, it will be easy to find flights for most convenient date and time ( talk). Because of this, such trip will be relatively easy to organize.

Author: Pawel Pacholec
Other idea for unconventional holiday is to visit Stockholm in order to attend as plenty of festival as cultural events as possible. During the summer there are many events like this in Stockholm! There are big and already famous events (as for instance Stockholm Film Festival), but also lots of small, less famous events in numerous parks as well as on the street! It is not hard to find information about them on the internet, so finding them should be easy too (even the helpful side, is worth a visit). Moreover, there are plenty of cheap flights Stockholm, so such trip can be totally affordable and does not must ruin your savings, even if your budget is highly small.

It doesn’t really matter which of those 2 suggested options you will choose. One thing is sure- you will definitely enjoy it.