Employee time tracking

Employers used to complain about their workers’ inefficiencies. Nothing unusial in that as today employees are exposed to numbers of various time vampires. Especially difficult is a situation of office jobs because access to internet exposes us to temptation of countless attention-stealing websites.

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What steals our precious time?

The main culprits are of course social media. The most of lost time in work is being devoted to scrolling Facebook, Twitter or Google+. People who know they aren’t cotrolled, do not hesitate to check new photos of friend’s dog or short post about somesone’s weekend. Second time vampire is shopping online. A lot of workers waste their time shopping on Ebay, Amazon or bidding stuff on Allegro. The third threat are the games. When boss doesn’t look people even play games… and time is running.

Employee time tracking is the solution

Increasingly leaders of small business and big companies start using special software that track time of employees. Some people may dislike this idea. There are a lot of voices, claiming that employee time tracking is associated with spying and lack of trust for workers. But when either requests nor threats don’t work, a time tracking app can be a sheet-anchor.

Work time tracking
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How employee time tracking tool works?

Time tracking tool is a cloud-based software. Employees should register on the account and from this moment they can operate it. There’s a desktop application that records all activities on employee’s computer. Meanwhile, workers can fill their timesheets to show to which project theirs tasks was assigned.

After that, boss or project manager can generate report an analyze tasks, activities and their dutration. Reports can be generated for whole groups or single user, by tasks, projects and dates.

What’s in it for your firm?

Based on data from employee time tracking sofware, team leader can know who works less and who works more, how much time is needed for certain tasks and projects and, thanks to this, he can estimate costs and time of next projects to avoid loss od time, money and client’s trust.